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4 Popular Hair Styles for Ethnic Hair

There are many ways you can wear ethnic hair. In fact, the possibilities are nearly limitless. For some ideas at what to choose for your next hair style, check out our four choices below. 

1: Long Box Braids

Long box braids are a classic look that has a certain refinement to it. If your hair isn’t long enough to achieve this, you can use crochet braids Jacksonville, FL to add length or volume.

crochet braids Jacksonville, FL

2: High Ponytail

A high ponytail can be created by pulling the hair to the top of the scalp and securing it with bands, or with sections of hair. This is a look that can be business, casual, or formal without interruption.

3: Beach Curls

Beach curls are wave-like and can be used in any length. Short curls will frame the face, while longer curls can be used to make the face appear thinner. Some like to combine beach curls near the front or lower section of the scalp with a high ponytail or other updo on the top or back half.

4: All Natural

All-natural ethnic hair has come to be powerful and bold. Whether your hair is very short and curly, or longer and straight, all-natural hair is a very healthy, minimal maintenance way to look your best.


·    If using hair extensions of any kind for your style, do not wash your hair the day of. The natural oils in your hair will make it easier to work with.

·    Also avoid washing for a minimum of one day after getting extensions placed, as this gives them time to set.

·    Don’t be afraid to experiment with the assorted styles to see what you like best.

·    Use colored hair pieces like red, pink, blue, green, to make any of these styles just a little wild and edgy.