angel wing jewelry

4 Graduation Gift Ideas

Your child has finally graduated, and now comes their time to be set free in the world. It’s a scary thought, to be sure, but have confidence that you’ve raised them right. Don’t forget, you are always just a phone call away, and your child knows this.

So what gift is befitting a young adult ready to make their way in the world? Check out these four gifts, which are a mix of sentimental and practical.

1: Give Them Wings

Angel wing jewelry can be a beautiful way to ‘give them wings’ to start their journey with. As a parent, you’ve always kept them grounded, but that is exactly what is going to allow them to fly.

2: Give Them Miles

There are miles ahead of your child, both literally and figuratively. With rising gas costs, many college students and other young adults have problems getting to where they need to be. Assist with this by gifting them a gas card. It doesn’t have to be a lot, although $50 to $100 will at least get them moved into their new place (if applicable) with a tank or two to spare.

3: Keep Them Connected

If you want to ensure they can always get in touch with you, and everyone else they will need to, you can gift them a paid-off phone and internet bill. Paying their phone and internet in advance for two to three months is inexpensive and will help get them on their feet.

4: Keep Their Dreams Fresh

A final sentimental gift, you can keep their dreams fresh by crafting a journal for them. Use key images from their childhood to decorate the cover, inside and out. On the first page, write them a letter about how proud you are of them, and let them fill the rest of the pages with their new adventures!